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Anxiety, mental health issues, and low self esteem are the leading causes of not living life to the fullest of your potential. Let me help you learn effective coping skills and processes to reach happiness and fulfilment


60 Minutes


Women Clients Only

Therapeutic session 60 minutes 80$ Click on bubble for details.

Details: Individual 60 minute self pay session(off insurance) addressing anxiety, self esteem, career, and overall life stressors.

Therapists training & mentorship

60 Minutes


Mentorship and guidance for current therapist, undergraduate students, and graduate students. (coming soon licensed supervision hours)

Women's support group

90 Minutes



Weekly | Sundays @ Noon

A safe space for women ages 18-65 who are looking for community, support, and connection with other women dealing with everyday life struggles and issues.

About Me

Hi My name is Erin Rieselman and I am a licensed psychotherapist(LPC)working toward my second licensure of LCPC in order to be able to supervise other clinicians in the field. I live in Chicago with my husband and our 2 albino boxers. I have been practicing therapy for the last 8 years at all levels of care(outpatient up to residential). I have also struggled with anxiety and panic disorder the last 15 years and have found real, holistic non pharmaceutical ways to live my life to the fullest. I am clinically trained in CBT, DBT, and Solution focused modalities. Although I live in a support therapy approach, which is much more conversational and a guidance based practice.

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My Client Testimonials*

I have had the pleasure of working with Erin for almost a year now, and I've noticed a significant improvement in my mental health. Erin is an exceptional listener who utilizes her clinical expertise and personal experiences to offer impartial and non-judgmental insights during our sessions. Her extensive knowledge and up-to-date understanding of the field make it easy to apply her advice to enhance one's mental well-being. I'm grateful for Erin's help and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking assistance in navigating life's challenges.
Omar S
I have been working with Erin Reiselman for some time now, and my progress, which seemed stunted prior to working with Erin, has been pretty amazing. I have learned new techniques for handling my mental health issues and Erin's no nonsense style has given me the courage to start really feeling good about myself. I look forward to our sessions!
Tracey D
Erin is a caring and compassionate provider who really invests in her clients' personal and professional growth. Her therapy 'homework' really helps me apply all that I've learned during sessions throughout my week so that I am able to recognize disruptive thought patterns and work towards implementing changes. Her very frank personality and humor helps me open up about topics I previously found challenging to speak to other providers about, allowing me to move out of the past and into my current self.
Nicole H

*Verified Clients of Erin Rieselman

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